We design and conduct academic and consumer research based on academic methods of rigour.


Finncara’s UNIQUE service offering

Our competitive and cost-effective consultancy services can be provided to organisations both within healthcare and beyond.  We specialise in delivering products and services to clients who wish to understand and improve themselves, their organisations and their wider systems. Whether it’s understanding leadership and strategy as it applies to their particular circumstances, organisational structure or improvement capabilities through skills building mechanisms for quality improvement across systems, information as a platform for guiding improvement, or understanding the central role of information in their operations, we are here to help. We can help you to understand and manage the role of networks, innovation and ICT, and ensure that technology produces real and tangible benefits for the organisation and for the range of services it provides to staff and customers.

Specific details of our work include helping clients to synthesize insights into strategic reports, presenting and advising on best approaches and methodologies in respect of new research needs, undertaking briefing sessions on chosen methodologies and creating and managing projects of various guises.  We are also skilled at conducting fieldwork and at creating high-level business documentation and reporting these back to the client partner.  We can provide a range of services and support in the following areas:

  • We have expertise in literature reviews which we believe could be at the start of every research project (including Scoping, Thematic, Methodological, Chronological and Systematic), but this is of course not always required for more practical and pragmatic work. 
  • We can provide Qualitative research support encompassing the management and delivery of focus groups and all interview forms, ethnography, desk research/documentary analysis, data analysis via Computer Assisted Data Analysis (e.g. NVIVO) and case study development.
  • Our Quantitative research support is also end-to-end, offering full support services with selecting the appropriate methodology based on the context. We will design research instruments (questionnaire design) and conduct surveys, data processing and data analysis. We can use robust statistical techniques, employing. software packages such as SPSS. We can also undertake data analysis and model results using Excel analytical packages.
  • We are also set up to do mixed method research, so we can undertake work for clients using both qualitative and quantitative approaches in one complete package.
  • We are well established at undertaking Action Research and this we are able to undertake in many forms e.g. Clinical Inquiry, Cooperative Inquiry, Appreciative Inquiry, etc.

We are able to report our results in a variety of ways, such as through  the Microsoft suite of presentation tools to key stakeholders, formal research report writing and dissemination of findings into peer reviewed journals where we are widely published.